An Inside Look at the Bora Bora Liquid Festival

The Bora Bora Liquid Festival is a celebration of authentic Tahitian culture with an abundance of activities, designed to showcase the heart and spirit of French Polynesia. Featuring world-class athletes, multiple events, parties, activities and adventures, the festival provides an unrivaled Polynesian adventure.

Known originally as the Bora Bora IronMana, the Bora Bora Liquid Festival was originally created by world-class aquatic athlete Stephan Lambert in 2000, as the only Va’a-1 (one-man traditional Polynesian outrigger) endurance paddling event in the world covering over 56km, or 34 miles.

Today the event has grown over the past decade into a festival celebrating Tahitian culture as well as sporting excellence.

2011 Bora Bora Liquid Festival Schedule of Events:

The festival officially opens on Wednesday, December 14th this year, but there will certainly be several unofficial events and activities in the days upcoming the official opening.

While the majority of the first day’s activities centered around families and children, competitions for aquatic professional athletes, guests, and amateurs kick-off on Thursday, December 15th at the Beach at Sofitel Marara. Among this year’s events include:

  • 6 KM for solo swim for men and women; Mixed teams of 2; and Family and Friends Teams of 4
  • Short Course One Man Canoe and Stand Up Paddle Races
  • Short Course Surfski, 3-Man Canoe Races
  • Matira Beach Shot Downs! Which are one-on-one 25-meter sprints where competitors go mano-a-mano until only one winner is left in each category including: Surfski, SUP and Swim.

On Saturday, December 17th, the Liquid Festival hits it’s finale with 40 and 50KM races for men and women, culminating in a festival awards ceremony and beach party.

This last day honors the spirit of IronMana, an elite competition held in Bora Bora for over a decade that combines the skill and commitment of top athletes with the ancient spirit and traditional Tahitian values known as Mana, manifested on these islands for centuries.

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Photos from Past Bora Bora Liquid Festival Events

Bora Bora
Sofitel Marara Bora Bora
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  1. Bob Hale says:


    I am interested in information regarding Ironmana Fest in December. I al a freelance writer, cruising with Holland America. Our ship arrives on December 7 and departs late December 8th. I am interested in shooting a variety of photos and gathering as much information as possible in that short time. This question is important for me: How close to the festival activities do cruise dock? And, what is the best method of getting around the beach area for the festival?

    Thanks for the assist.

    Bob S. Hale


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